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 Make-up for weddings, proms & other special occasions                                                                                                                                                                     J&K23


Make-over parties

Not just for females!

Make-over parties are not limited to girls or ladies, they can be offered for men and boys too.       

There are many options for make-over parties.

A few of you going for a night out, why not book make-up for all of you? It’s more fun getting ready together! 

A fun night in with the girls. Ever wanted to try different colours of make-up but worried it won’t look right on you? Maybe have a few friends around for a girls night in. I can advise on products and colours that will work for you. You can have a play with these products to see how they look. It’s a great fun night.             

For all your princesses, hair &make-up or just make-up can be done at your party event. Whether at home or another indoor venue. If you want a specific theme, that can be done too!  

For all your Princes, bad boy parties which can be themed or differ on each child's individual choice. I offer  face paint, temporary tattoos, casualty simulation including, black eyes, bruising, cuts and small wounds. Accessories For example eye mask, bandanas, etc can be added too.

For men on their way to support their favourite sports team, I can paint your face to show which team you support. I can do themed make-up, black eyes, split lips, all sorts of cuts and bruises which is great fun for a party or just to scare the MRS! Temorary tattoos can also be done as well as body painting. 



             Film, TV & Media 

I'm trained in make-up for film, TV , Editorial and also in special effects from bruising to &scars to applying prosthetics. I'm also trained in hairstyling, barbering and wig setting. I have experience in Film and TV hair and make-up, here you can see some of my credits

Samurai 18


Casualty simulation 

I offer casualty simulation make-up for anyone who wants to practise their first aid training, this can be the emergency services, the military or anyone else needing to recreate injuries, etc. I have used it as part of stage make-up for schools and for TV and Film. Cuts and bruises can be used to demonstrate special effects make-up, they are great for boys who have outgrown face painting too.                               


Photographic make-up

I offer make-over packages for people wanting some special photographs taken, I can meet you at the studio and liase with your chosen photographer to make sure you a comfortable and get the required look you are going for. I also work with: brands on fashion shoots, photographers or models for portfolios, plus editorial work, etc. 

Hannah 7 

Theatrical Make-up 

Stage make up for or pantomimes and plays. I have worked for Theatres, schools and amateur dramatics groups. I have done both hair and make-up, including wig dressing. I have also worked sourcing, making and altering costumes, making props, as well as on dressing. Having a professional make-up artist work on even school productions can make a huge difference to the show too.


Skin Camouflage

I'm a skin camouflage practitioner for changing faces Since being trained at their London offices in skin camouflage products.  I now also offer this as a private service. Skin camouflage is the application of specialist, highly-pigmented creams and powders which can be used to reduce the appearance of a mark, scar or skin condition. This can be on the face or body. I can match the right product to the client and teach them how to apply the products themselves. Clients must be over the age of 4 years old to understand the process and give consent. If the child doesn't like the process, then we will stop the session.


Body Painting 

Body painting can be done for corporate events, to advertise products, for charity by way of sponsorship, for charity events, for fun &creative photos or just for fancy dress. It's even been done for rock bands before they've gone on stage. Here's one that was done for charity to raise money for the Superhero Foundation:





                  Please contact me for prices, to make a booking or for any other enquiries.