Make-up Gallery

 Peaky Blinders inspired photoshoot.

Models: Johnny O, Qualia  & Jordan Tandy.  Photograpy by Andy Peters



Helmut Newton Inspired photoshoot.

Models: Diego and Tanya Fitness. Photography by


Variety of photos from 2 photoshoots 

Model: Sammy J,  Photography by


Rock shoot 

Model: Ciaran James and Photography by


Victorian Shoot 

Model: Leanne Murley and Photography by JK-SW Photography


Hannibal Lecter inspired 

Model: Martin Shipley, Photographer: Light the face. Mask and design by Magnificent Make-Up



Variety Photoshoot

Model: LeaLea, Photographer: Light the face



Variety of Photos

 Model: Emily Bryant and Photographer: Lance Mason


 Model: Kas Mason and Photographer: Lance Mason



     Wedding Make-Up                                                                                                                                                                                     


Tamanda Walker

During filming of her Music Video: City Queen


Watch her Music video at:


Photos taken during the filming of The filming of The White Room trailer



           Creative Body painitng.


        Body Painting  for charity             

  Superman, Captain America & Pinocchio were done as a charity fundraiser for  Frenchay After Burns Children's Club.



         Theatrical Make-up